Usually the biggest question homeowners have when thinking about a remodeling project is “how much is this project going to cost??” While many of us are familiar with the range of pricing associated with other kinds of expenses (think cars, groceries, appliances), many homeowners do not have an accurate sense of the range of potential investment for their desired (or needed) improvements.  

This is totally understandable for a couple of reasons – one being that usually homeowners have little to no experience making this kind of investment.  Most of us buy groceries all the time, so of course we know what to expect to spend at the grocery store checkout.  We may not make larger purchases like vehicles as often as we do groceries, but even in that case I’d guess that the average, moderately knowledgeable consumer could correctly guess the ballpark MSRP for a car they might be interested in buying. 

Another reason a homeowner may not have an accurate sense of what a remodeling project may cost is that there is such a wide array of information out there to lead her astray.  Asking Google “How much do replacement windows cost?” or “What should I pay for an entry door?” can lead to information that may not be regionally specific, someone’s ill-informed guess, or an ‘online quote’ that doesn’t actually include all the aspects of getting the job done.  

Lastly, there are a variety of home remodeling businesses out there, providing different levels of services – and getting estimates from several companies may lead to a wide array of numbers.  Combined with the skepticism that some have about the construction trade in general, this can lead to mistrust, confusion, and possibly abandoning a project altogether because “it’s going to be more expensive than we thought.”

At 12 Penny Exteriors, we want you to understand what goes into the estimate we give you, and we want to be transparent about our pricing. Custom ordered products and materials, installers who are paid fairly for their time and experience, and the overhead costs that go into running a business responsibly (think insurance, permitting, etc) are all part of what go into the price we quote.  We are a full service remodeler – which means that we complete the entire replacement/installation from start to finish; and if there is a problem with the structure or integrity of your house that may affect the end result of our work for you, we can and will address it.  Understanding all the aspects of service and materials that affect the ultimate price tag of your project is important – and so is knowing your house is in capable hands. 

We wanted to offer some ballpark numbers for projects that homeowners often consider.  These numbers are a range, in some cases a big range, because offering choices when it comes to custom-ordered products for a home means there will be a wide spectrum of price points.  

It is very important to remember that you can never find a totally accurate pricing estimate for the details of YOUR specific project through an online search alone.  That’s why we always need to at least speak with you on the phone about your project before quoting you a more specific estimate for your project.  However, we think that knowing a ballpark you should be expecting can be helpful, in both managing expectations as well as planning for the investment – which when it comes to your home’s value will almost certainly pay you back over time. 

Common projects and approximate investment ranges to expect:

I want to replace 2-5 windows on the house, replacement windows will be fine for my job: $2,000 – $6,000
I want to completely overhaul my windows (full frame remodel for all the windows on one or more sides of my house) $4,000 – $14,000. This range estimates between 2-7 windows in the project. (Typically, a full frame vinyl window replacement will be about $2,000 each where a wood-clad full frame window replacement may be closer to $2,800 per window)
I want/need to replace my front door. $5,000 – $30,000.  This wide range represents the vast array of door choices available to choose from.
I need to replace siding on some/all of my house: I want to use vinyl siding A typical 2,000 sq ft house starts at $25,000.
I need to replace siding on some/all of my house: I want to use fiber cement (Hardie board) A typical 2,000 sq ft house starts at $35,000.  

Resources you might find helpful

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Vinyl Window Profile

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We partner with Enhancify, a financing solution that connects homeowners to multiple financing resources, allowing  you to choose which works best for you.  Use the calculator below to estimate monthly payments based on your project’s overall value.  (estimated interest rates based on credit scores are here)

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