Choosing an entry door that will last

Updating the entry door to your home can dramatically improve the look of your house - it can also improve its energy efficiency a great deal. Paul goes over some of your options when it comes to entry door replacement - and why choosing to level up to a custom door by ProVia is a smart choice over the big box products.

Is your front door drafty or leaking?  Is it damaged in some other way that prevents it from operating properly?  Is it just plain…. ugly??

If it’s time to replace your home’s entry door, you have an exciting opportunity to change the look and feel of your home’s entrance while also improving the energy efficiency of a major opening in your home’s exterior.  

Understanding your options in choosing a new entry door is a great place to start.  You could choose a ‘big box store’ product, but we just don’t recommend it because they tend to be lower quality products that are rarely ever protected by a warranty.  

‘Leveling up’ to a custom made door from a company like ProVia gives you almost limitless options in terms of customization, but perhaps more importantly, a standard of quality and craftsmanship that ensures your new door will be beautiful and reliable for a long time to come (and with a lifetime warranty you can really be sure of that).

You can explore just how many options you have, and even begin to design your own door with the ‘door configurator’ in ProVia’s Design Center.  Along the way, we are here to answer any questions, make suggestions, and/or provide you with a great installation for the door that you’ve already dreamed up. 


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