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Is your patio door getting tired?

Does your old sliding glass door come off the track all the time? Does the screen door blow away in the wind? Has it now fogged up so bad you can’t see outside anymore? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, it may be time to upgrade that old, inefficient sliding glass patio door.

Sliding patio doors and windows have a lot in common: you can get all vinyl, wood-clad, and fiberglass (you can also get “composite” patio doors as well but these are not as common and there are not a lot of them around).

Vinyl patio doors are probably the most economical and the most popular choice when it comes to replacing your old sliding patio door. And because today’s vinyl is so much stronger than just a few years ago, you will get years of maintenance-free use out of a high-quality vinyl patio door.

Wood-clad patio doors are similar to wood-clad windows: they start with a wooden frame and the exterior is covered (cladded) with either aluminum, vinyl, or some kind of proprietary material. You get all the beauty of a wooden interior coupled with a “low-maintenance” exterior. This way, you can paint or stain the inside whatever color you want or choose from a factory finish (always our recommendation!).

Fiberglass patio doors are super strong, very energy efficient, and offer a sleeker look than vinyl or wood. They are also impervious to the elements and won’t react to temperature changes the way vinyl and wood will. For some, fiberglass is the best option available. 

We offer sliding glass patio doors from ProVia, Marvin, Andersen, and Pella, to name a few, and would love to help you decide which is best for you and your home.

Choosing an entry door that will last

Choosing an entry door that will last

Updating the entry door to your home can dramatically improve the look of your house – it can also improve its energy efficiency a great deal. Paul goes over some of your options when it comes to entry door replacement – and why choosing to level up to a custom door by ProVia is a smart choice over the big box products.

Exterior remodeling: you have choices.

Exterior remodeling: you have choices.

An exterior remodeling project brings with it many choices in terms of materials, styles, and price points. We believe you should be in control of those choices.

Spot the Rot

Spot the Rot

Sometimes the extent of damage to the exterior of your home can be hiding in plain sight – as was the case with this door frame. Snakes not pictured!!

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