Wood-Clad Windows

Wood-clad windows:  the best of both worlds

Before there was vinyl or aluminum, window manufacturers made their windows out of wood. And they were great: you could paint or stain them any color you wanted, they did a good job of keeping out the elements, and they were easily repaired. And, truth be told, nothing surpasses the beauty and timelessness of a classic wood window. But, Mother Nature is not kind to wood. 

So, window manufacturers got clever and introduced the “wood-clad” window. By covering the outside of the window frame and sashes with a material like aluminum or vinyl, homeowners could enjoy the beauty of a traditional wood window on the inside while still having a “low-maintenance” window on the outside. 

Some of the biggest window manufacturers in the country make a wood-clad window. Wood is timeless, it is very energy efficient, and it is strong, making wood-clad windows a natural choice if you want to keep the old-world charm of wood in your home. And wood windows are very versatile.

With a wood interior, you can paint or stain them to match your current home’s decor or, better still, each room can have a different color window. And if you get bored of the color in a few years, just get out the paint and start again.

At 12 Penny Exteriors, your local Window Depot, we have extensive experience with wood-clad windows and would be happy to see if these would be right for you.


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