Wood Siding

When I was a kid, my father only liked to work on wood siding. He thought vinyl was a “monstrosity” and fiber cement was not yet a thing. We did many homes with cedar clapboards and cedar shakes and if homeowners took care of the wood, it would last for generations. In fact, my uncle built his house in 1978 and used cedar shakes. With regular maintenance, his home still looks as good today as it did 45 years ago.

But that is the key: regular maintenance. wood siding has to be taken care of. Harsh New England weather can do a number on untreated wood which can invite ants, bugs, bees and other creepy crawlers. For most homeowners, they just do not have the time or patience to do this work. 

However, If you want that timeless look; if you want a product that everyone else “tries to be;” and if you don’t mind doing some maintenance on it, then wood may be the choice for you. Yes, it may cost you a little up front but the investment you make today will pay off tomorrow. There is nothing quite like wood.