Fiber Cement

Fiber cement: a modern standard of quality

Across the country, Fiber Cement is slowly gaining popularity as a siding choice for a number of reasons. In addition to its wide array of colors and styles, it also offers other advantages: it requires minimal upkeep, it is rot-proof, bug-proof, and virtually fire-proof.  It is unaffected by wind and cold. 

As a certified installer for James Hardie fiber cement board siding, 12 Penny Exteriors can help you decide if fiber cement is the right choice for your home. It does offer advantages over wood and vinyl siding but it does have some drawbacks. For one thing, it is more time consuming to install and it does require some special tools and blades to cut it. This generally adds labor cost and will add time to any job. 

These added costs are easily justified by the overall finished look you get from a fiber cement product. In our opinion, fiber cement just looks better than vinyl siding as it more closely mimics the look of wood.  And it won’t expand and contract quite like vinyl will, giving it a much more consistent finish in any season.

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