Replacement Windows: Process Explained

In this video, Paul walks us through what IS and IS NOT changed when you choose a replacement window for your project. There are several ways to replace an existing window; choosing a replacement window product is usually the quickest and most cost effective way to go.
YouTube video

The windows featured in this video are from the ProVia® Aeris series.  We have a post featuring these versatile replacement windows if you’d like to learn more.

Replacement windows differ from a full frame replacement in that the new window goes into the existing frame of the old window.  The result is a ‘frame within a frame,’ and no interior or exterior trim is affected during the process (unless it is rotted or damaged in some way, then it will be addressed).  In a full frame replacement, all the trim, stops, and other parts of the old window structure are removed, right back to the wall studs, and everything is replaced, inside and out.  One thing to keep in mind with a replacement product is that you will lose some glass size, which can be significant in a smaller window.

Which is the right method for your project?  You do not need to be the expert – we are here to help you figure out what will suit your needs best.  Contact us to set up an in-home consultation and we will be happy to guide you!