Triple-Pane vs Double-Pane Technology

12 Penny's founder Paul guides us through the benefits of triple-pane vs double-pane windows.

Triple-pane windows have many advantages over single- and even double-pane windows.  ‘Triple-pane’ refers to windows that have three layers of glass separated by two spacers, creating two sealed air spaces. As with double-pane windows (2 layers of glass), these spaces are often filled with insulating gases.  With an additional layer of glass and another insulating air space, triple-pane windows offer enhanced insulation and are more effective in reducing heat transfer and increasing energy efficiency. This can lead to better thermal performance and lower energy bills.

Increased energy efficiency, especially here in our New England climate is an important consideration, and triple-pane windows deliver superior efficiency. Sound insulation as well as condensation reduction are other benefits. Through our partnership with Window Depot USA, we can often offer you a triple-pane product at double-pane prices.

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