are you letting in more than just the view?

Do I need new windows?!

Sometimes you’re not sure if your windows are in need of replacement.  Here are some ways you can tell:

You can’t open your windows and when you do, they don’t stay open.

Old windows just don’t operate like they should. They can be hard to open or hard to lock. A window that doesn’t operate well doesn’t perform well.

Maybe your windows are the old single pane windows with storm windows on the outside.

Let’s face it, single pane windows just can’t keep up with today’s high energy bills. And those old aluminum storm windows don’t help like you think they do. Today’s windows have never been more efficient and upgrading those old, tired single pane windows just makes sense.

Maybe you have the dreaded “builder grade windows.”

When your house was first built, the windows the builder installed looked just fine. Then you moved in, the builder went on to the next project, and you were left with poor quality, builder grade windows.

These are designed to last between 10-15 years, at the most and if you do need to replace parts, good luck. Many of these “builder-grade” window companies have gone out of business or have been bought out by bigger window companies. 

Foggy windows and it isn’t even raining outside.

If you have a “fog” or a “haze” in your windows and, no matter how hard you scrub, you can’t seem to get it clean, it probably means the “seal” between the panes is gone and the insulating gas that helped make your window efficient has floated into the atmosphere. That’s bad.

Sure, you might have 2 panes of glass but without the insulation in between, your windows will be drafty and inefficient. 

Time for a face lift. 

Your windows are one of the first things people see when they pull up to your house. With a fresh new look, your windows can really make a statement. 

And with today’s technology, windows are more customizable than ever before. 

It IS possible to have form and function all in one great product.

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